Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cuban Stock Royal Selection Corona Review

Cuban Stock Royal Selection Corona - 5.5 X 44. Wrapper - Ecuador, Binder -Dominican, Filler - Dominican.. Medium - Full.

Initial taste of of dry oak and espresso coffee which quickly turned into flavors of earthy, dark coffee with a wine-like sweetness and an underlying spiceiness.

At about the halfway point of this cigar, the red wine sweetness took on some notes of chocolate flavor along with the coffee and now some leather coming into play along with the spicy undertone.

The last third of this cigar had a tangy, leathery taste dominating, spiceiness still present and the continued wine-like sweetness. Long finish of spicy, tangy leather.

Construction was good, burn was razor sharp with a light grey ash and the draw was perfect. Pricepoint is $6.50. I was a bit surprised at the amount of complexity given that it is a cigar with a 44 ring guage. A very enjoyable cigar and I do recommend giving this cigar a try.

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  1. Scott, I have had these cigars before and actually just started selling Cuban Stock. I think you tried the best cigar in their arsenal. I don't know if you knew this, but their cigars are aged in wine barrels. That particular one is aged in a wine barrel for several years. If you get a chance, give the Chubbys Ultimate a try. They are the opposite of March, the start llke a lamb and end like a lion.


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