Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cigar reviews

People ask me, "do you really taste all of those flavors that you put in your reviews" and my answer is: yes, of course. When I first started doing reviews, I didn't get many of the subtle flavors. What I do is to concentrate on flavors and when I think I taste a certain flavor, I write it down on a pad and then I continue to smoke and see if that is in fact the flavor that I taste. When I review a cigar, I am usually in my backyard, on a lounge and I always drink cold water, seltzer in particular because I feel that it really cleans the palete. So there I am on my backyard lounge, seltzer water on the table, paper and a pen and I just jot down flavors that I detect. I exhale through the nose quite often as this helps me discern flavors. I have to say, the more you do these reviews, the more refined your palete gets and thus, the easier it is for me to do the reviews. There you have it.


  1. You are fortunate to be able to describe cigars the way you do. I love cigars, but I don't really taste specific flavors. I know what tastes good to me and what doesn't...also, I smoke cigars to relax, and I'm afraid that having to concentrate and take notes will turn it into work, plus I'm really lazy. I did taste cinnamon in a Bolivar Coronas Gigante once....

  2. Hi Craig, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, doing a review is sort of like work in that you have to concentrate somewhat but it is a labor of love for me. Also, look at it this way, it is just for that one review and thereafter, I just smoke and enjoy as you do.


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