Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Perdomo Grand Cru Corojo Toro Review

Perdomo Grand Cru Corojo Toro - 6X50. W-Nic. Corojo (2004 Crop), B-Nic., F-Nic. I found this cigar to be med.-full bodied. Initally, this cigar started off Bready,with a blast of peppery spice which quickly settled into a light coffee with cinnamon and orange peel flavors. As you smoke this cigar, a coffee taste emerges with cinnamon and a nice long finish of orange peel and cinnamon. The cigar evolves into a more full bodied smoke with the coffee flavor increasing as well as the spice with the constant underlying flavor of cinnamon. A very enjoyable cigar that has perfect burn, draw and construction. Price point makes this cigar another great value. I definitely recommend trying.

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