Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cigar company's marketing strategy

In today's economy, cigar companies would be prudent to focus more on "Grass Roots marketing". Simply put, "Grass Roots" marketing is moving your product by word of mouth of the consumer. This is of course if the company truly believes in their product's quality and value. I am not suggesting that full page ads in cigar magazines doesn't have it's advantage, it does, but it should not be the main focus of one's advertising budget. Sponsoring cigar herfs/events, having bloggers post reviews & cigar message board contests, reviews and information are great ways to get your cigars some "buzz". Some say, that this type of marketing doesn't directly translate into increased sales, my response is, "how do you know?" Are you tracking it? How are you tracking it? There are other variables such as the product itself - is it a good product? Is it a value based on the price point etc. If you follow this type of marketing strategy, it has to be done consistently over time. I have seen word of mouth make or break some cigars and cigar companies so it is not something to be taken lightly in my opinion. Some of the most successful restaurants are as such because of the word of mouth. Conversly, it has destroyed some establishments more often than a bad review in Zagats. It is also a much more inexpensive way to market and advertise one's prodcuts (cigars). This of course is my humble opinion. I am very interested in hearing what others think, particularly the cigar companies themselves.

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  1. Scott, totally agree with the grass roots approach and letting the products speak for themselves. Given today's technology, the best thing you can do is arm consumers with information through social media and blogs like yours. I also think you need to get the cigars into the right hands, people who are trendsetters. Doesn't hurt to sponsor local cigar clubs and herds either. Somehow you've got to figure out where your best return is going to come from. In the cigar industry, print is not dead but it is very expensive. Blog sponsorship is another possibility.


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