Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quesada Q'Detat Molotov Review

Quesada Q'Detat Molotov - 5 x 44/58/38. Wrapper - Dominican Republic, Binder - Dominican Republic, Filler - Dominican Republic. Full Bodied.

Initial lighting taste - Oak wood.

First third - Earthiness, lemon citrus and spice. Very smooth flavors.

Second third - A little reshuffling of the flavors - Lemony citrus first, followed by the spice and then the Earthiness.

Last third - A continuation of the flavor order in the second third - Lemon citrus, spice and Earth. Very long smooth finish of citrus and spice.

Construction - A very attractive, oily, dark-brown wrapper with minimal veins and not soft spots.
Burn - Razor sharp, dark-gray colored ash this is solid and holds on.
Draw - Perfect draw - not too loose, not too tight. Plenty of smoke produced.

A fantastic little powerhouse of a cigar - very good complexity and great balance. I was impressed at how smooth this cigar was while being so strong. Flavors were very enjoyable, especially the lemon citrus and spice. MSRP for this cigar is $7.95 which is a great price point for this cigar and one that allows you to enjoy them on a regular basis. A cigar best smoked after a hearty meal or at least later in the day. Definite recommend.

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