Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chess Extreme Corojo Torpedo 1 Review

Chess Extreme Corojo Torpedo 1 - 4 X 64. Wrapper - Nicaraguan Corojo, Binder - Dominican Olor, Filler - Nicaragua (Ligero '98 & Ceco Corojo). Full bodied.

Initial taste - Cedar wood and pepper.

First half - Pepper, cinnamon and leather with notes of Mediterranean spices such as cumin, sage and rosemary. Good balance.

Second half - Continuation of the pepper, cinnamon, leather and notes of the Mediterranean spices. Very long finish of spice and cinnamon.

Construction - Nice looking,a darkish brown wrapper with a nice oily sheen. No major veins were visible and the cap was bumpy and uneven. Burn was razor sharp producing a salt and pepper colored ash that was solid and did not fall of easily. Draw was perfect with plenty of smoke.

I really like this cigar - it had nice complexity and very good balance. The Mediterranean spices were interesting and not something that I taste in many cigars that I review. The burn and draw also made the smoking experience that much better. MSRP for this vitola is $6.10 and I feel that it is a worthy price point for this cigar. Definitely a cigar to be enjoyed after a full meal. I would absolutely recommend this cigar to try for someone looking for a unique profile - full body smoke with excellent construction.

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