Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cigar Spotlight - Buena Vista Cigars

For several years they have searched the Western Hemisphere to find the one location that most resembles and replicates the famous Pinar del Rio tobacco-growing region of Cuba. Their research resulted in a small valley located in Ecuador, where the soil content, the daily temperatures, and the atmospheric conditions all combine to deliver a tobacco leaf that we feel mirrors identically, the world’s most desired tobacco — CUBAN.

Additionally,their entire production process is being overseen and managed by highly skilled Cuban tobacco professionals. Even the rollers are Cubans, who are on special visas from Cuba, working in our their factory located only an hour-long plane ride from Cuba. Each has been trained in the great tobacco factories of Havana, to be the finest torcedores in the industry, and now they roll cigars exclusively for Buena Vista.

We are a proud seller of Buena Vista Tobacco company cigars. The worlds finest Cuban seed cigars made by Cubans........

Price are for boxes of 10......
Coronas - $86.50
Prominentes - $127.50
Corona Larga - $86.50
Petite Piramide - $105.00
Piramide - $127.50
Double Robusto - $105.00
Short Churchhill - $86.50
Sublimes - $127.50
Robusto - $105.00

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