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MIAMI, FL – January 4th 2011 - The Oliva Family Of Cigars today announced the formal creation of Studio Tobac, a collection of Oliva’s most creative minds. Studio Tobac is tasked with research and design within Oliva Cigar. The group’s primary goal is to create excitement and innovation in the tradition-heavy world of cigar smoking.

“Today we’re introducing cigar smokers worldwide to Studio Tobac” said Oliva Cigar CEO Jose R. Oliva. Oliva went on to say “Studio Tobac has worked for years behind the scenes on the highly successful Nub and Cain cigars. The time has come to bring down the curtain and get more cigar smokers involved with our creative process. As with all Oliva cigars, anything introduced by Studio Tobac will be of the highest quality and provide exceptional value to our customers.”

Oliva Vice-President of Sales Dave Wagner commented “We (Studio Tobac) would meet over cigars and maybe dinner, drinks, or coffee. We will continue these meetings but the time is right to formalize the group and also provide a mechanism to get more cigar enthusiasts involved. Look for big things from Studio Tobac in 2011 and beyond.”

ORGANIZATION: Studio Tobac will consist of an Executive Board of Directors, a Studio Ambassador, an advisory board, and general membership. The Exective Board is comprised of hand-picked Oliva Cigar employees and affilliates; chosen for their knowledge, creativity and vision. The Studio Ambassador is charged with the day-to-day operations of The Studio, including execution of any promotional activities. The advisory board is an invitation-only group of cigar ultra-enthusiasts; and the general membership consists of any independent cigar consumers who want to be updated with the latest Studio Tobac news. Anyone 18 years or older may join the general membership at HYPERLINK "http://studiotobac.com" http://studiotobac.com .

HISTORY: Studio Tobac was born in 2007 as informal meetings of Oliva Cigar’s most innovative thinkers. For the last 3 years The Studio has conceived ground-breaking projects like the renowned NUB Cigar (a short-format cigar that previously did not exist) and the CAIN Cigar (the world’s only straight-ligero cigar). These and many more projects exist within the portfolio of Studio Tobac.

FUTURE: Expect much more for Studio Tobac in 2011. There will be new cigars released to the general public, small-batch prototype cigars, exclusive Studio Tobac merchandise, and a world tour that will bring Studio Tobac to some of the finest cigar retailers in many different countries. Expect future press releases on these projects and much more.

Studio Tobac is the research and design group within The Oliva Family Of Cigars. Studio Tobac’s goal is to provide excitement and innovation to premium cigar smokers worldwide.
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