Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honduran Cigar Festival - Humo Jaguar



If you have a passion for fine, handcrafted cigars - whether you make them,
sell them or simply enjoy them - you’ll want to join fellow aficionados at
Humo Jaguar, the inaugural Honduran cigar festival, to be held next February
13th through 17th at historic sites throughout Honduras.
Named to honor Humor Jaguar, the legendary Mayan ruler of the city of
Copan, the festival is an exciting excursion into the art of creating fine cigars
as well as a fascinating journey into the pre-Columbian heritage and natural
treasures of this beautiful country.
Among the many highlights of the trip is a visit to La Flor de Copan. This
award-winning factory is acclaimed for turning out many of the world’s most
highly rated cigars including Saint Luis Rey, A. Turrent Triple Play, Gispert, Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve, Trinidad
Habana Reserve, the new H.Upmann Sun Grown and many other superb smokes. Naturally, you’ll get to sample these
great cigars as well as the latest collections from many other fine Honduran cigar makers.
But factory tours and visits to Honduras’ historic tobacco plantations are just the beginning. The rich itinerary includes an
exotic adventure into history. Honduras is known as “The Cradle of Tobacco.” The ancient Mayans were the original
tobacco growers and cigar makers, and the word “cigar” is derived from the Mayan term “sicar.” You’ll visit the breathtaking
Mayan ruins, the important national museums and other magnificent historic sites.
And there’s still more. You’ll have the opportunity to attend seminars with
legendary cigar makers and industry experts as well as presentations on
investment opportunities. And you’ll enjoy festive evenings of fine dining, plus
concerts, fiestas and much more.
The Humo Jaguar Festival is hosted by APROTABACOH, the Honduran
Association of Tobacco Growers, and FIDE, an organization promoting
Honduran investment opportunities. The cost of attending is an extremely
reasonable $1,250 per person, which includes first-class hotels, all meals, all
excursions, events and festivities – virtually everything except airfare.
If you’re a connoisseur of fine cigars and have an appreciation for ancient history
and natural beauty, you’ll fine Humo Jaguar to be an unforgettable vacation
With openings filling up fast, anyone interested in attending is urged to visit now for further details and registration information.

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