Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scott's picks for some underrated cigars

People have asked me to talk about some cigars that I feel are good but maybe do not get much mention, or are too new to the market, so I have decided to talk about cigars that some may or may not have heard of, and that I feel are good or even very good cigars.

In no particular order, Alec Bradley has a newer line called Family Blend which I really have been enjoying lately. Leathery and spicy this cigar has a good price point and is very consistent. Pinar Del Rio has some really good cigars but their PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Madura Capa is a fantastic smoke. Very good msrp as well. AJ Fernandez is the latest up-and-coming cigar blender. His cigars are sold through Internet only and include some really nice cigars - Diesel which is a tasty complex cigar for about $3.33 ea. La Cuna is another good line of his as well as the Sol Cubano Cabinet Selection. All of these are either medium to full bodied. Cuban Crafters has a couple of very tasty cigars in the Cubano Claro and the Cupido Tuxedo. Nestor Miranda 1989 is an excellent cigar with a very good msrp. Blended and made by non other than Don Pepin this cigar is a premium tasting cigar at economical prices. Matasa has a line of cigars that is very underrated in my opinion with the Viso Fuerte. I really like this line as it is full bodied and very tasty. Very good price point as well on these.

If you really want to get economical, Famous Smoke Shop online has the Nicaraguan Maduro and the Habano. Both are very good cigars at very low prices. You can sometimes find them on auction at the Famous website.

These are just some of my personal choices. I have more to mention in future postings. Until then, happy smoking!


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