Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Augusto Reyes Sixth Generation Robusto

Augusto Reyes Sixth Generation Robusto - 5 X 50. Wrapper - Nicaraguan, Binder - Dominican, Filler - Dominican, Nicaraguan. Medium - Full bodied.

Initial draw - Dry cedar wood and spice.

First third of the cigar reveals the dry wood continuing with the spice increasing and an interesting leathery malt taste as well. A sweetness begins to emerge as I approached the halfway point.

At around the halfway point, the sweetness that I detected in the beginning became a chocolaty sweet leather flavor, peppery spice and notes of the cedar in the background. Nicely balanced thus far.

The last third continued with the sweet chocolate leather, spice and underlying cedar. Balance continues to be very good and a nice long finish of leather, spice and the sweet chocolate.

Construction was excellent, burn was razor sharp with a nice light-colored gray ash, and draw was perfect with lots of smoke.

I really was impressed with this cigar as it had very good complexity and balance. The long finish was quite enjoyable as you could savor the flavors after each draw. MSRP on this vitola is $5.80 which makes this cigar a good value in my opinion. Highly recommended.

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