Monday, May 17, 2010

Press Release - El Primer Mundo Company, LLC.

Atlanta, GA — May 17, 2010 — Primer Mundo Cigar Company’s agreement with Los Blancos Cigar Company to sell and distribute Primer Mundo’s line of premium boutique cigars will expire on June 27th of this year. Primer Mundo Cigar Company is preparing to market, sell and distribute their current and future offerings independently to retailers throughout the country.

Primer Mundo has enjoyed a solid relationship with Los Blancos over the last few years and looks forward to continuing with a solid working relationship going forward. Primer Mundo Cigar Company’s current line of cigars will continue to be produced at Nestor Plasencia’s Segovia Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua through our current arrangement with Los Blancos Cigar Company.

Primer Mundo cigars have been on the market for four years in limited distribution and as the line expands its reach and offerings it is imperative that we continue to build and strengthen our brand identity. This requires a more hands on approach to our sales and distribution model as well as other initiatives. In this current cigar market driven by informed, discerning, and active consumers Primer Mundo Cigar Company is committed to providing the best cigar smoking experience possible. To do this we will continue to engage with our consumers at the grass roots level while providing solid support to our retailers.

Primer Mundo Cigar Company currently offers three lines: Black Label(Rosado Oscuro), Red Label(Criollo Maduro), and Blue Label(Connecticut Shade). We are looking forward to the release of a new line in the next few months and new lancero vitolas for our Black and Red Labels.

Please feel free to contact Sean Williams directly at 404-542-6914 with any questions. We appreciate your interest in the Primer Mundo line and we look forward to communicating with you in the future.

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