Friday, April 30, 2010

NY Launch of the La Aurora 107

On Wednesday April 28, 2010 at Tobacco Plaza (Great Neck, NY) in the United States first official La Aurora Lounge, the highly anticipated 107 was officially launched. Of course a debut of this magnitude commands the precense of some of the big names in the industry such as Guillermo Leon, Nestor Miranda and Jose Blanco.

First let me say that Danny and the boys do a fantastic job with their events, food was outstanding (shredded pork Hawaiian style, BBQ chicken breasts, Hamburgers, Hotdogs and homemade potato salad). Ice cold Presidente beer was plentiful and of course the smooth Ron Barcelo Rum. The event started off with the tasting seminar conducted by Jose Blanco to a packed lounge. I have been to one of Jose's seminars last year and it really is quite an interesting and educational experience. After the seminar, everybody was enjoying the food and trying the new 107. I was asking around what all who attended thought of the new cigar and the feedback was excellent.

It was great to see Guillermo again as I have only met him once before and of course Nestor Miranda, whom by the way has some very interesting new projects coming out soon whose pricepoints are very consumer friendly - Nestor Miranda 1989 and the Caliber 58. I will have more information on these two lines (tease) in the near future but suffice it to say that I have tried one of them and it is a very good cigar and I think that you will enjoy it very much.

As for new projects from La Aurora, you will have to wait and see when I come back from the Dominican Republic in a few weeks. I will be giving them feedback on some new prototypes that they are working on as well as touring the factory, fields and their operations. Well that is all for now, next stop Cigar Fest 2010!

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