Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild Review

Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild - 4.5 X 50. Wrapper - Ecuadorian Sumatra, Binder - Connecticut Broadleaf, Filler - Honduras, Nicaragua & Dominican Republic (Piloto Cubano). Medium to full bodied.
Initial lighting taste - Spicy leather and wood.

First third - Strong spice and leather with a tangy citrus flavor and coriander emerging.

Second third - Spice continues, chewy leather, citrus and coriander spice.

Last third - Spice, leather, citrus and coriander. Long delicious finish of spice and tangy leather.

Construction - Nice looking, reddish-brown wrapper with a silk sheen and no major veins or soft spots. Good cap as well.

Burn - Pretty sharp burn with a solid salt & pepper colored ash. The ash would hold on for over an inch at a time until tapped off.

Draw - Draw was very good and produced plenty of billowy smoke.

This cigar was as good as I remember it being years ago when I first began smoking them. Great flavors balanced very nicely and great complexity and smoothness. I really like the coriander and citrus and of course spice. The wrapper is grown in very limited quantities in the mountains in Ecuador which give it it's extra rich, reddish qualities. MSRP is an amazing $3.59 for this size which makes this an incredible value. I recommended it very highly years ago and I will continue to do so now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

C&C Cigars Corojo Robusto

C&C Cigars Corojo Robusto - 5 X 50. Wrapper - Ecuadorian Corojo, Binder - Dominican Republic, Filler - Dominican Republic. Medium - Full bodied. Debuted in 2011 and owned by Joe Chiusano (former president of Cusano Cigars).
Initial lighting taste - Toasted breadiness and spice.

First third - Spice followed by a creamy breadiness and tangy citrus.

Second third - The citrus becomes more prominent along with the spice and now the creamy breadiness takes on a sweetness. Cinnamon notes are also detected.

Last third - Tangy citrus spice, sweet creamy bread and cinnamon notes. Nice long finish of citrus spice and bread.

Construction - A nice looking wrapper with a slight oil sheen and a somewhat bumpy texture. Not soft spots and triple capped.

Burn - Sharp burn with a light gray colored solid ash that held on for over an inch before being tapped off.

Draw - Very good draw and plenty of smoke produced.

I really enjoyed this cigar. The combination of the spicy citrus and sweet breadiness is a flavor profile that I do taste from time to time in other cigars but not too often - It was a pleasant surprise. Excellent complexity and balance. I like the way the cigar's flavors intensity changed from the first third to the second third - made for an interesting experience. MSRP for this vitola is a very consumer friendly $5.00. The line comes in 3 sizes:

Robusto 5 X 50
Toro 6 X 50
Churchill 7 X 50

A great bang for your buck and I would definitely recommend especially if you are on a budget and want a complex and balanced smoke for everyday.