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PRESS RELEASE: Forcade Cigars names Claudio Sgroi Vice-President of Sales and Marketing


Forcade Cigars names Claudio Sgroi Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

Sgroi brings 10 years of international tobacco industry experience to the cigar brands

MIAMI, FL - (25 April 2011). Forcade Cigars announced today the appointment of Claudio Sgroi as its new Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Sgroi will be responsible for developing, implementing and managing sales and marketing strategies necessary to reach the company’s goals for each of its three cigar lines: Forcade, Giralda Natural and Giralda Maduro.

"Forcade Cigars is pleased to bring Claudio Sgroi on board. He is a key addition to our team; he brings deep knowledge, dedication and strong passion to our company." said Chistrian Forcade, President of Forcade Cigars. "We could not have found a more qualified individual who knows this industry so well and who has such a solid tobacco background; his work will strengthen our company and definitely benefit our products and our clients." Forcade said.

Claudio Sgroi brings with him a diverse professional portfolio highlighting previous work experience in diverse territories such as France, Turkey, Italy, and the Caribbean. The 34-year old executive began his career in the tobacco industry in the Dominican Republic in 2001 under the direction of the internationally renowned tobacco expert Henki Kelner from the Oettinger-Davidoff Group. After gaining valuable knowledge about tobacco production and cigar manufacturing, he moved to Geneva, Switzerland where he was Cigar Stock Manager & Sales Assistant at the world famous store Davidoff & Cie. In 2006 Sgroi was promoted to "Davidoff Brand Manager" at the International Tobacco Agency (ITA) in Treviso, Italy, a title that he held until 2009 when he decided to move to the United States. In the States, Sgroi worked as an independent consultant with various local cigar brands, expanding sales efforts nationally and increasing brand exposure. Now joining Forcade Cigars, as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Sgroi will not only continue to market the company’s brands nationally, but he will also oversee the international sales and marketing operations, expanding the company’s business abroad.

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With Sgroi Forcade Cigars will undergo a complete renovation of its brand image without forgetting the tradition that has always made the cigars brands synonymous with high quality and exquisite taste, Claudio Sgroi has already met with Jaime García from My Father Cigars, makers of the lines Forcade, Giralda Natural and Giralda Maduro, to begin working on a new extension line that will be launched at the International Premium Cigars & Pipes Retailers (IPCPR) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada this July 2011.


The current generation of the Forcade family is passionately involved in the creation of wonderful cigars such as: Forcade, Giralda Natural and Giralda Maduro. Jaime García blends all the Forcade Cigars, which are handmade in Nicaragua at My Father Cigar Factory. The history of Forcade Cigars dates back to 1887 when Thomas Novales migrated from Palma de Mallorca, Spain to Cabeza-Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, where he passed down his knowledge and dedication to the cultivation of tobacco to his four children. One of his daughters, Bienvenida Elena Novales, married Manolo Forcade and they dedicated their lives to the manufacture of quality cigars. The Forcade children and then grandchildren fell in love with the family business and together they were able to continue the company that their ancestors had created, assuring the quality and freshness of their fine cigars. The company is named after the Forcade Family, in memory of Manolo Forcade, who died at sea trying to escape Fidel Castro’s communist regime and to pursue his dream of continuing the Forcade tradition in the United States. To learn more about this company please call: 305 233 5104.

Forcade Cigars
10665 SW 190 St, Suite 3117
Miami, FL 33157

Friday, April 22, 2011




MIAMI, FL ‐ Tabacalera Perdomo is proud to announce the release of the new and highly anticipatedPerdomo Reserve Champagne Noir cigar line. The Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir is blended withdark, oily triple‐fermented Cuban‐seed Maduro wrappers meticulously aged in bourbon barrels. Filledwith hints of chocolate and dark roasted coffee, this medium to full‐bodied blend offers a sweet aromawith a smooth satisfying finish. The initial size, an impressive 6 x 60 Super Toro, has been released and iscurrently available in stores nationwide.

“After carefully fermenting these thick Cuban‐seed Maduro wrappers for well over 14 months in anatural pilon, we age them an additional 6 months in oak bourbon barrels. This process helps to ensureparallel colors, a clean even burn, and rich, complex flavors,” states Nick Perdomo, President ofTabacalera Perdomo.

The Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir is comprised of all Nicaraguan grown tobaccos making it a“puro.” The Cuban‐seed secos, visos, and ligeros are similar to those used in the popular PerdomoReserve Champagne blend. The combination of the higher priming Cuban‐seed Maduro wrappers andthe smooth, flavorful Nicaraguan fillers, makes the Champagne Noir a vibrant and well‐balanced smoking experience.

The Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir is packaged in 25 count boxes which are individually handcraftedin Tabacalera Perdomo’s state of the art box factory. Each Spanish cedar box is stained in blackwith the brand’s logo, size, and dimension prominently silkscreened in gold on the outside of the box.

Headquartered in Miami Gardens, Florida, with manufacturing and agricultural facilities in Esteli,Nicaragua, Tabacalera Perdomo is a closely held, family run company, whose highly acclaimed cigarbrands include Edicion de Silvio, Perdomo Patriarch, Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Anniversary, Perdomo Habano, Perdomo Grand Cru, Perdomo2 (Squared), Perdomo Lot 23, Nick's Sticks, Cuban Bullet, andPerdomo Fresco.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nestor Miranda Day - Friday May 6, 2011


April 14, 2011

Miami, FL,

Miami Cigar & Company is back at it again, always willing to show their gratitude to the cigar smoking community, they have decided to bring back the heralded National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day. On Friday, May 6th, all authorized Nestor Miranda Collection retailers will participate and enjoy all of the perks that only a day named after “The Most Interesting Man In The Cigar Industry” could include.

Similarly to the original holiday, Miami Cigar will be awarding consumers that enter any of the authorized retailers with a Nestor Miranda Collection cigar at no charge. All the smoker has to do is buy a cigar – any cigar, made by any cigar maker. Again, that’s any cigar; made by any cigar maker. The twist to this year’s festivities is that the consumer will have the opportunity to smoke the newest addition to the Nestor Miranda Collection, the Art Deco (5.5 x 54).

The ‘National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day,’ is Miami Cigar & Company’s way of thanking the smokers for their enthusiastic support of the company’s brands for the past twenty-two years, and to reassert Miami Cigar’s commitment to bringing you great cigars in the years to come.

To locate your Authorized Retailer, go to and follow the instructions on the site. (New enhanced authorized retailer search engine to launch, April 18th)

“Finally, the best holiday of the year has returned,” said Nestor Miranda, “I am very excited to once again show our customers and consumers our appreciation for their loyalty and support”.

Tampa Humidor will be hosting Nestor Miranda for this year’s festivities. 1418 East Bush Blvd, ste. 105 Tampa, FL 33612

NOTE: The cigars will be available at each Nestor Miranda Collection Authorized Retailers as long as supplies last.

Miami Cigar & Company distributes Tatiana© flavoured cigars, Nestor Miranda Collection cigars©, La Sirena© as well as La Aurora©, Leon Jimenes©, Ducados© which are trademarks of other companies.

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On March 11, 2011, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit the island of Japan -- the biggest earthquake in Japanese official record. The tsunami that followed caused unprecedented devastation on a level unseen by the Japanese people since WWII.

The voices and images of desperation have struck deeply in the hearts and
souls of the Dominican people whom, for many decades, have built a close
bond with Japan. La Aurora Cigar Factory has echoed the expressions of
solidarity of its employees and suppliers, and is glad to announce the creation of a special edition cigar to help the humanitarian response to this disaster. “We are very pleased to lay our helping hand to our brothers of Japan by supporting the humanitarian assistance to this great nation,” says Guillermo Leon, President of La Aurora. “When hurricanes have struck the Dominican Republic, Japan was there for us,” Leon added. Proceeds from the sales of this cigar will be donated to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief fund through JAPAN TOBACCO IMEX CO. LTD.

The cigar named “Para Japón” or “For Japan” is a 5” x 50 medium bodied
vitola, made with selected premium tobacco leaves. These cigars have been
aged during three years and its blend is something really unique with an
exquisite Nicaraguan wrapper. Its package of 25 Sumo Robustos is decorated
with special artwork by Mario Takeyama and Dan Reeve, the design team of Being involved in this project was important and personal to Cigar Explorer, as founder Mario is a native of Japan and still has many friends and family living there.

The “Para Japón” cigar will be available thru La Aurora distributors on April.

Pedro Martin "Ruby" Robusto Review

Pedro Martin Ruby Robusto - 5 X 50. Wrapper - Corojo, Binder - Nicaragua, Filler - Nicaragua. Medium - full bodied. Blended by Maria Martin formerly the National Sales Manager for Camacho Cigars but has now returned to her family business of her father Pedro Martin.

Initial taste - Cedar.

First third - Spiciness, leather and a nice tea-like flavor.

Second third - Spice, leathery tea, some cedar notes and a slight sweetness.

Last third - Spice, leather, tea and hints of sweetness and cedar. Long finish of leather & tea.

Construction was very good - reddish-brown wrapper, slight oily sheen with a couple of visible veins. Burn was razor sharp with a light gray solid ash. Draw was perfect with a good amount of smoke.

A very good cigar with a nice smooth balance and complexity. I particularly enjoyed the tea-like flavor with the leather and spice - very nice. MSRP on this size is $6.66 which is a very good value in my opinion. Two thumbs up for this cigar.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary Review

Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary - 5 X 50. Wrapper - Connecticut Corojo, Binder - Connecticut Broadleaf, Filler - Honduran, Nicaraguan, Dominican. Medium bodied. A limited supply cigar featuring a proprietary Connecticut Corojo wrapper commemorating 10 years of Punch Rare Corojo.

Initial taste - A dry hay-like flavor.

First third - Peppery spice, wood and a bready quality. Some mineral notes as well as a sweetness is detected.

Second third - Pepper and a creamy sweet bread flavor. The woodiness is fading into the background at this point.

Last third - Peppery spice, continuation of the sweet creamy, bready flavors with woody notes. Long finish of pepper and sweet cream.

Construction was good - a smooth brown wrapper with a slight oily sheen and a bumpy cap. Burn was very good - dark gray ash with a sharp burn. Ash holds tight. Draw was very good as well producing plenty of smoke.

Although this is not my typical favorite flavor profile, I actually enjoyed this cigar very much. I found the flavor combination to be somewhat unique as compared to the other cigars that I smoke - a nice change of pace. Complexity was good and balance was decent - there were a couple of instances where the pepper was a bit on the strong side affecting the balance. MSRP for this cigar is $6.50. I suggest trying this cigar but act soon as these cigars will last until the limited supply is depleted.