Sunday, September 19, 2010

Entubar Quad Maduro Robusto Review

Entubar Quad Maduro Robusto - 5 3/8 X 54. Wrapper - Nicaragua Cuban-Seed Maduro, Binder - Nicaragua, Filler - Nicaragua, Dominican Republic. Medium - full bodied.

Initial taste - Earthy wood.

First third - Spice, wood, earthiness, clove and a slight sweetness.

Second third - Now the cigar really gets good for me - spice, a very nice earthy leather and a faint black cherry sweetness.

Final third - Sweet earthy leather, spice. Hints of black cherry and nuts. Nicely balanced. Long finish of spicey, earthy leather.

Construction was very good - beautiful oily brown wrapper, burn and draw were good as well.

The first third of this cigar was good but the rest was more my flavor profile and I found it very enjoyable. Enough complexity and balance made for a very pleasurable smoking experience. I particularly enjoyed the hints of nuts and black cherry. MSRP on this vitola is $10.99.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guillermo Leon Signature Corona Gorda Review

Guillermo Leon Signature Corona Gorda - 6 X 47. Wrapper - Ecuadorian Habano (Vuelta Arriba), Binder - Cameroon & Dominican Corojo, Filler - Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Nicaragua. Medium - Full bodied but closer to Full.

Initial taste - Dry cedar wood.

First third - Spice, dry wood, cinnamon and leather. A subtle sweetness emerges near the end of the first third along with a citrus flavor.

Second Third - Tangy, Citrus leather & spice really pick up and take the forefront along with woodiness, cinnamon and notes of a fruity sweetness. Very complex.

Last Third - Tangy leather continues, strong spiciness, wood, cinnamon and the fruity/raisin sweetness - very enjoyable. Very long finish of spice and tangy leather.

Construction, burn and draw were perfect were perfect. Beautiful chocolate brown wrapper and a nice solid light-gray ash that held on.

This cigar had incredible complexity which is in large part to the fact that there is a double binder of Cameroon and Dominican Corojo. The flavor profile was terrific and the balance was very good. I feel that this cigar also has excellent aging potential. MSRP on this size is $8.50 which is a good value for this caliber of cigar. Definite recommend if you are looking for a very complex and balanced cigar with this type of flavor profile.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Limited Release La Aurora 107 Lancero ordering information

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Canimao Robusto Review

Canimao Robusto - 5 X 50. Wrapper - Brazilian Arapiraca, Binder - Ecuador, Filler - Dominican & Nicaragua. Medium - Full, closer to Full bodied.

Initial taste - A very pleasant coffee and wood flavor.

First third - Earth, wood, spice and some coffee bean notes. Balance is very good.

Second third - Now the cigar is really starting to evolve. A nice sweetness emerges with the earthiness along with a wonderful leather flavor. Spice is getting a bit stronger but still balanced quite nicely with the other flavors. I did get some notes of cinnamon during this part of the cigar.

Last third - A continuation of the sweet earthy leather and spice. Notes of coffee bean returns. Long finish of sweet earth, spice and leather - very enjoyable.

Construction burn and draw were perfect as has been the case with all of the Canimao cigars I have reviewed.

Once again, this is another line of Canimao cigars that has great balance and complexity and a flavor profile that I really like. MSRP on this vitola/line is $3.00 which makes this an amazing value. I highly recommend.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flor De Gonzalez 90 Miles Robusto Review

Flor De Gonzalez 90 Miles Robusto 5.5 X 50. Wrapper - Ecuador (Habano Rosado), Binder - Nicaragua, Filler - Nicaragua. Medium bodied.

Initial taste - Woody with some spice.

First Third - Oak, spice and notes of cinnamon. Nicely balanced.

Second Third - Oak wood, spice, and now some delightful leather & coffee flavor emerges as well as some cocoa. Very smooth.

Last third - Now the cigar has progressed into a woody leather & coffee taste with the underlying spice and the very enjoyable cocoa flavor. Long finish of woody leather and spice.

Construction, burn and draw was very good.

This is a very good cigar for any time of the day. It had a very enjoyable flavor profile with excellent complexity and balance. MSRP for this size is $5.50 which makes it a very good value. I recommend trying especially if you are looking for a cigar that can be enjoyed in the morning as your first cigar of the day, or even after a substantial meal in the evening.